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Plugin Dynamo was founded in early 2010 by dot COM interactive, LLC based out of Dallas, TX. We were founded based on our desire to produce new and original WordPress Plugins that:

  • 1. Solves a problem, we create plugins that solve problems. Problems that we as Internet Marketers have faced that needed a WordPress powered solution.
  • 2. Are simple to use, simplicity is key and we understand that not every WordPress user is technical and can code PHP, HTML and Javascript etc. So we wanted to make Plugins and WordPress simple again.
  • 3. Get updated on a regular basis, we listen to our users see what features they want and do our very best to implement them and make sure our Plugins all work 100% on the latest version of WordPress.
  • 4. Come with top class support for our customers and users, we can’t remember the amount of Premium Plugins we have purchased with little to no support, poorly written documentation and a poor settings page with no explanation of what anything does. We aim to change this.

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