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Crazy Egg is a website that tracks and registers visitors clicks on your website. It uses the clicks registered to generate a heat map that is superimposed on your website. The map shows you what every visitor or user that came to your website did or was doing. It shows you where they clicked and where they went. Site owners use the heat maps to optimize their website based on where their visitors were clicking.

It has features like the heat map to show you where people are clicking on your website, scrolling map to show you where the visitors scroll to before leaving the page, and confetti which allows you to differentiate between visitors’ clicks and the overlay which displays the number of clicks per each segment of the website page.
Setting up Crazy Egg on your website can be hard especially if you don’t like to work with code. A small set of code is provided for you to copy to the page you want to track. This can be difficult to do if you don’t know how to change or add code of your site. It would be difficult for you to use Crazy Egg if you’re not sure where or how to place the code on your site.

Crazy Egg code will work on WordPress but it is not a WordPress product. For you to use it on your WordPress blog you have to install it. The installation process is very cumbersome. It involves you downloading the file and then following several steps to make sure that the code is installed in the right place. Like I said, if you are someone who is not familiar with the code of your website, it will be hard to get it in the right place.

Crazy Egg’s services are good but can be a little expensive and restrictive. It charges customers on a monthly basis depending on how many pages you want to track and the total number of visitors to your site. It has four distinct services -Pro, Plus, Standard and Basic. Each of these plans has restrictions as to the number of visitors it can track, the number of pages that can be tracked at once as well as advance features and hourly reporting options.

If, for whatever reason, you stop your monthly membership, you stand the risk of losing all of your visitor data. This can be a difficult situation to be in where you have to maintain a membership to continue to get access to data from your visitors.

Crazy Egg is a good product for people who have larger businesses and large corporations or for those who can afford to pay the large monthly service charges. There is a Crazy Egg alternative and it’s built for WordPress. It’s called Click Heat Dynamo. Click Heat Dynamo is designed for small business website owners and is the easiest way to get click heat maps going on your WordPress based site.

Think about it. You use WordPress and Click Heat Dynamo was built to go on WordPress, so it does not have the limitations of Crazy Egg. Because it’s a Plugin it’s very easy to install and you do not even have to know programming or how to code to use it to optimize your site. There are NO monthly fees and because it’s a WordPress Plugin, all the data is on your server to you own your data – not Click Heat Dynamo. This Plugin is super easy and is especially good for people who do not know how to code. Unlike Crazy Egg, there is no coding required with Click Heat Dynamo. This is great news for WordPress users, bloggers and website owners.

Click Heat Dynamo Optimization

Optimization is the key when you own a website. Now you can optimize your WordPress site based on real-time behavior by visitors. You can even customize the plug-in to track clicks on certain pages of your website. Learning the habits of your page visitors will be more easier than ever.

When you install the plug-in on your website, you will be able to view your clicks within seconds. Other useful features of the new plug-in feature is the individual reporting of each page so that you can optimize your website down to the smallest detail. By being able to study your visitors habits, you can help design your page so that they return over and over again.

If you would like to optimize your WordPress site to better suite your visitors, then the new Click Heat Dynamo could greatly benefit both your business and its customers.

Click Heat Dynamo: Simple and Cost-Effective

Now you can “see your visitor’s clicks with pixel perfect precision. The new Click Heat Dynamo will help you optimize your Word Press site with a simple plug-in. It takes just a matter of seconds to install, and then you can begin watching the clicks of your visitors. You will be able to study their habits and find out what distracts them to leave your website.

There are a variety of great features Click Heat Dynamo:

Compared with other competitors, Click Heat Dynamo is just a one time charge of $49.
You own all of the data that you retrieve.
You pay only once for Click Heat Dynamo and there are no limits of use afterward!
Click Heat Dynamo doesn’t have any code at all. It is one simple plug-in that you activate once and then that’s it!

Click Heat Dynamo is cost effective and simple to use. You will be able to increase the number of visitors to your website once you know where they are going or coming from. It will help you learn how to keep them on your website and improve sales. It will be one of the best investments that you bought for your business.

New WordPress Plugin Accelerates Conversions and Increases ROI

The world of online marketing is extremely competitive and it’s important that once you secure a fan base, and are beginning to get traffic to your website, that you know what those people want, and as quickly as possible, convert them into customers. While you can easily track the amount of traffic and individual hits your websites get, it’s important to know exactly what these people are clicking on and considering, not just that they are visiting your websites. Click Heat Dynamo is a high effective and affordable way to find the answer to that question, and learn exactly what your prospective clients are looking for.

The Click Heat Dynamo WordPress Plugin can tell you exactly which website or pages your prospects are clicking the most. It shows you your website/Blog and organizes by color coding each area based on the densities of the clicks. Most services that give accurate evaluations of where your potential clients are clicking can be very expensive, and some even charge monthly fees and can get up to the thousands in as little as a year’s time. Since Click Heat Dynamo is new to the market, you can purchase it now for their introductory price of only $77 for a full year including premium support and it’s only $127 when priced regularly. It’s a great alternative to other, more expensive services, and provides better and more user friendly results.

When we talk about ease of use, we mean it. There is no coding required as it is a simple Plugin designed so even the technically challenged can use it. The default settings will track and record clicks on all your pages, but you can easily customize by breezing through some simple menus. The best part of all is that Click Heat Dynamo, being a WordPress Plugin, will be around for ever because WordPress itself is one of the best blogging platforms out there. Even better, Google loves a good WordPress Blog.

Blaze Past Your Competition with The New Click Heat Dynamo WordPress Plugin

Unless you were born in a cave, if you’re an online marketer, you know how competitive it can be out there. All of a sudden, everybody is trying to do it, good or bad, newbies to the experienced. So how are you going to be the one that makes serious cash with all your efforts? You need to know what your potential clients want. In order to do that, you need to efficiently track the most often visited pages on your website/blog.

After you have established your online presence, and start to get traffic flowing through it, you will need to start curbing your business to fit what those visitors want. It can be difficult to tell what your prospects as interested in, and searching for, because you don’t get to converse with them, asking how you can help or even to seal the deal. Luckily, with the Click Heat Dynamo Plugin for WordPress you’ll have a much better idea. This Plugin lets you know exactly where your clients are clicking and what links and areas are getting the most attention from your visitors. You can even jazz up the pages they’re not clicking on to see if you can change their responses. Sometimes just a little tweaking is all it takes to up your conversion rate.

It’s always been fairly easy to track the number of people visiting a website, but it can be difficult to harness that information into something tangible, that can be used to make your online business more appealing to prospective clients. Knowing the area’s of your website that are the most interesting to your visitors can start a online dialogue, which will act as a catalyst to changes that can maximize your profit.

Other programs that offer similar services can cost thousands of dollars a year, but not this one. Not only is the Click Heat Dynamo Plugin simple to use and code free, it normally retails for just $127 a year which is unbelievable for what it delivers. Even better, if you act fast, there is a limited time offer allowing you to get the premium service packages for $77 a year. You also get 1 full year of upgrades for free. It’s important to act now and maximize your profits by using Click Heat Dynamo today!

Click Heat Dynamo E-Mail Template

You can edit or rewrite these as you want.

Click Heat Map For WordPress Websites: Introducing Click Heat Dynamo

Is your WordPress theme doing its job? You may have spent many hours choosing and customizing your WordPress theme, to make your site stand out – and to encourage your audience to stay on your site, and come back in the future. But is your theme design really helping – or is it quietly hurting your efforts to grow your business? Is it helping you keep your audience, or sending them away? One of the most effective ways to learn more about how readers are using your site is to use a “heat map” to track their clicks as they navigate your site. A “heat map”, also known as a “click heat map”, is a web page overlay that highlights the regions/elements where your readers are clicking. The more clicks that a position on the page receives, the “hotter” it registers on the click heat map. A new WordPress Plugin, Click Heat Dynamo, is a full-featured heat-map builder that lets you see in an instant what part or parts of a page is capturing your audience’s attention. This is vital information for any website – enabling the effective placement of site navigation, banners, and advertising such as AdSense. The resulting overlay map of your users’ clicks shows you which placements work, and which don’t. Heat maps are invaluable for optimizing any website, and powerful tools like these can be expensive – some heat map services for websites will cost many hundreds of dollars every month – month after month after month. But the Click Heat Dynamo Plugin has no monthly fees, and you can use it on as many pages and WordPress sites as you want. It requires no coding or complex set-up, and starts work from the moment the Plugin is activated. It also lets you specify which pages, posts and page types you want mapped – and which ones you want to excluded from its site-wide mapping. It also gives detailed reports about each mapped element on the page, including dynamic content such as Ajax elements that are not effectively tracked by other click heat map builders. If you’re a WordPress user then you really need to check out Click Heat Dynamo.

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