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Curated Content – Where Do Websites Get Their Content

There are many ways that websites collect and gather information. Some websites hire writers to produce original content for their webpages. Other websites choose rather to use information that already exists and host it on their website. This is a viable option for many websites so long as it is done legally. While in some cases content is simply ripped off or stolen from other sources, this is not always the case. There are many ways for websites to legally acquire a wide variety of content from other sources through deals, contracts and payment.

A good example of websites that have legally curated content is news based websites. These websites pay major distributors money for access to their content and then display that content on their website regularly. This allows the website to generate its own image and personality as well as its own profit through ad space while eliminating the need to invest in the production of original content. In many cases websites that have curated content will tweak the content to best fit their website. In most cases, this is perfectly fine. However, in some cases they are contractually obligated to keep the content as is if they are going to use it. Also, in most cases, unless otherwise agreed, the website that purchases the content they are “curating” must give credit to the original writer, producer or distributor of the content. If this is not honored, the curated content could be considered plagiarism.

In some cases, like when writing blogs, individuals choose to sift through the web to hand pick content that would be good for their website. This can be from any other website or blog on the internet. Because there are so many options blog hosts like WordPress now have applications that help the process. Content Buddy is a WordPress plugin that does the sifting for you. Once you have established the type of content you are looking for on the web, Content Buddy will do the legwork and search the web for content that may be of interest to you, display it for you and then allow you to pick what you would like to put on your blog and what you can pass up. This revolutionizes curated content for blogs and websites. Not only does Content Buddy single out articles, it also looks for YouTube videos, Twitter Feeds, Google images and the like.

Curated content for a website is no easy task. It requires that you find the right information and the quality that your readers expect. It also requires that you take the time and energy to make sure the content you are displaying is accurate and reliable. There is nothing worse than mindlessly throwing content on your website without knowing whether or not the content is authentic. There are many risks with curated content. A good website manager or blogger knows that it takes time and energy to ensure that the content put on webpages is qualitycurated content.

Issues with Auto Blogging

Auto blogging is the ability to pull content from the internet and have it posted directly to your website. This is done though tools that help to build up the amount of content that your website can have. However, many people are finding that this is a problematic approach that can be taken.

One of the main concerns that people have with this approach is the fact that a majority of the time, the content you receive is unrelated. This can lead to visitors being turned off by topics that have no interest to them or are so irrelevant, they write your blog as nothing more than spam.

In addition to that, you are going to find that this content usually comes with serious grammar errors. Since the content can come from a number of sources, it also has the potential to have spelling problems and weird sentence structure. This can then harm you when it comes to AdSense as the poor quality coming in violates their terms of service.

Additionally, there is a major concern with copyright issues as well. While many websites won’t mind if you share their content, others may have picked up content from a source that doesn’t want their entire article posted on numerous websites. Since auto blogging will pull the entire article onto your website, you may have some legal concerns.

It is with this in mind that you will need to consider the auto blogging approach in a sensible manner. A good idea is to go through the content and filter out the clutter and ensure that you have relevant content that appears on your website and remains of some value to your readers. By doing this, you can ensure that your readers do end up coming back and your website remains well respected.

About Curated Content

What is curated content? It is a term that has been gaining popularity since 2009. Curating content is simply organizing and sharing content that is related to a certain topic. While other websites, such as Yahoo News or Google news are operated electronically, an actual individual is the one who is responsible for organizing curated content. A person will pick out content that they believe will inform the best about a subject and receive the most views from an audience of readers.

So what should a website choose to have curated content? Curated content helps keep content moving within a community. It won’t have to rely on search terms to bring readers to the topic. A website can be organized with a variety of topics that allows a reader to choose what he wants to read. If the website’s main focus is on small business, then the front page will feature the best informative articles pertaining to that topic. By choosing specific articles, it will gain the attention of the the targeted audience that it was intended for.

If a company is trying to advertise a specific brand, then curated content will be valuable. By showcasing specialized content regarding a brand, it will help attract targeted consumers. There are a variety of ways to take advantage of curated content. Some of them include placing expert tips on a website, presentations or webinars, blogs, statistics and data and industry examples. These will all help market a company’s specific brand.

For companies that have writers who have a great ability to research, they can offer specialized curated content. If a business is selling computers or cell phones, then with proper research, they can offer some of the best information about buying computers or cell phones. A product-selling website can feature expert tips on buying an item and how to look for the best deals. Expert-tips also are perfect for individual business owners such as hair-stylists, content companies or artists. A variety of tips can be featured on the website to attract customers to their business.

If you would like inform your target audience about your business and product, you can include a presentation or webinar. Webinars are beginning to gain popularity across the web and are ideal for informing consumers. A company can hold live webinars or host pre-recorded webinars directly on the website. Another plus about a webinar, is that a company can pick out the best points and then place them into a blog. Blog posts can then target readers leading them to the webinar.

Almost anyone with writing and researching experience can create a website with curated content. It is important to find the most relevant and quality content to feature to a target audience. The content will be important for bringing in new customers and then keeping current ones interested. If you don’t want to rely on automatic search engines to attract your clients, then curated content will be the business tool that will help your company become number one.

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