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About Dynamo One – New WordPress Plugin

One of the biggest challenges of setting up a WordPress site is the amount of work that goes into installation and customizing all the settings. This is especially a problem if you tend to develop and work with many sites. Fortunately, a new plugin called Dynamo One is specifically designed to address this problem and takes all the labor out of the process.

Dynamo One is a plugin developed by Wesley Williams. Like all other plugins, you simply take the file and upload it to your WordPress by using the plugins section. Dynamo One is designed to quickly set up your site with all the settings so you have everything ready within minutes, not hours. Here are some of the different things that it does.

It takes care of the general settings, writing settings, reading settings, discussion settings, media settings, privacy settings, and permalink settings. As you know WordPress right out of the box doesn’t really look very good. There are also little details that you have to take care of from how your posts look, how everything is formatted, and what appears on your main page.

The plugin automatically optimizes your site to not only function well but make format it so that your site actually looks good. All the other details in the admin panel such as privacy settings and discussion settings will be quickly set up. The most important thing it sets your site up it for SEO.

It’s important that you have the right permalink settings and have specific plugins so that the search engine spiders don’t have any problems indexing and crawling your site. Dynamo One takes care of all that. It’s not recommended that you build an SEO campaign for your site straight out of the box with WordPress. It’s essential you configure everything correctly or you can hinder your SEO efforts.

As for the technical details, Dynamo One works with all browsers. There is a step by step process it walks you through setting up your site. You can quickly decide which plugins you should install into your site. Dynamo One installs the plugin and even activates it on your site.

Then it allows you to configure your plugins so you don’t have to waste time later on making sure that the plugins are set up to your liking. Finally, it allows you to quickly add important pages such as the privacy policy page, terms of service, and contact us page. You save the time of creating these individual pages yourself.

From reading various reviews, it seems that users are satisfied at how this plugin works. Dynamo One makes the whole process of setting up your WordPress site more efficient. If you just compare the manual process and using Dynamo One side by side, it’s clear Dynamo One makes a huge difference. So save yourself the effort, time, and take the guesswork out of setting up your WordPress sites by checking Dynamo One out.

Dynamo One – How to Set Up a New WordPress Site

Are you trying to make the change to the WordPress platform or simply want to set up a blog? Believe it or not, there is actually a lot that goes into installing WordPress on your server or host. Here is a quick break down of what you need to do in order to get it up and running.

The first step is to download the WordPress file. You have to install it to your MySQL which is a database where you can install scripts. There are web hosts that allow you to use Fantastico to install WordPress automatically but it may come with errors. You will have to uninstall WordPress then install it again manually if you come across this problem.

After a full installation, you will to go ahead with the general settings. You will set up users for your site, set a date format, time format, and other basics. Then you have to go ahead with the writing settings such as showing what shows up in the posts, how it is formatted, and other customization details.

The next step is to figure out the reading settings. This is what allows you to set how your posts are shown, how it appears on your homepage, and how your RSS feed will display. The discussion settings will also have to be set so you can control how people interact on your site. This will allow you to moderate comments, configure the comment settings, and other details such as having people make an account in order to post.

The most important thing is configuring your site so it can be indexed by the search engines. You need to start with the permalink settings. The default URL for your pages is organized by numbers. What you want to do is set up your pages so that your keyword is included in the URL. You also want to organize your pages according to the proper category.

Finally, there are plugins that you need to install and configure. There are plugins that provides you security so that it is harder for hackers to get into your admin panel. There are also plugins that creates a sitemap of your site so that it can be crawled by the search engines.

You may also need to go into each plugin that was installed and configure it correctly. There are different configurations for each plugin and you want to make sure that it is improving your site in the right way. Sometimes you may have to go through trial and error to see what kind of settings work best.

So that’s a quick overview on how to install WordPress and set it up correctly. It can be quite a drawn out process and may takes hours for each site. There are also technical issues that you may encounter. If you want an easier and faster solution, you can use Dynamo One. This is a WordPress solution that automatically sets up your site to the optimum setting in a fraction of the time it would take for you to do manually.

Is WordPress Easy To Set Up?

WordPress is the most loved and most-used used of all the website publishing platforms on the market. Do you know the reasons behind this popularity? Well, the most powerful reason is, the platform is open source (free). Any developer can make a software (popularly known as Plugins) and use it with WordPress publishing platform, free of cost. Even developers can make money selling software (Plugins) that works with WordPress!

Every WordPress site needs a Theme – a Look and Feel. You can code themes and integrate the with WordPress to look like a blog or a traditional website. Entire businesses have popped up doing nothing but selling WordPress Themes.

These two unique systems (Themes/Plugins) made WordPress very popular and extremely powerful. There are hundreds of developers and coders around the world adding WordPress Plugins and themes to the WordPress community each day. In fact, you can do almost anything in WordPress that you can do in a regular website.

Another reason WaordPress has grown in popularity is how user friendly it can be. Yes, it is true that web sites can be published easily using the WordPress platform. However, this issue needs a little explanation. The WordPress platform is easy to use to those who already know how to set it up. Those who have spent many hours learning the system or maybe went through a training class to learn the ins and outs of WordPress will have no problems at all. If you are a WordPress newbie, the easiest option for you WILL be WordPress as well. But first you need to learn everything you can about WordPress. This might take you a day or a few weeks or maybe even a month or two. For me, setting up WordPress is easy but when I first started, I bet I spent six months trying to learn all the basic set up functionality options.

Don’t worry, you can and will learn how to set up WordPress. There are a large number learning resources available to teach you everything you need to know – many of them are free. Even the official WordPress website has all the documents on setting up WordPress there for you to download and go through. Again, the real difficulty is actually going through all the resources and learning everything. It’s not that hard once you know the how it all works. The time and effort you have to spend to get there will depend on how technical you are but this could take some time.

I know I’m talking out of both sides of my mouth here when I say it’s easy but it takes a lot of time and energy to learn the system. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever logged into and seen the WordPress control panel (dashboard). Trust me, you would understand what I mean. There are a ton of settings and configuration settings, Plugins to download and configure and Permalinks to set-up. These requirements range from the very basic to the more advanced functions. Every single function ‘Head’ has few ‘Sub-Heads’. You have to learn the functionality of each one these areas! For a newbie, the WordPress dashboard could be a little confusing!

Hold on, don’t get disappointed! There are two solutions. You can spend your time and money learning WordPress or there are ways you can set up WordPress without getting into all the details. To do this you can either hire an SEO WordPress expert or look for other resources to do the hard work for you. If the idea of paying some SEO guy a few hundered bucks each time you want to set up and site doesn’t sound like a good plan then you should look at a Plugin called Dynamo ONE. Dynamo ONE sets up your WordPress site with you just clicking the “Next” buttong. It’s like having your own SEO WordPress expert with you but without all the high costs of those types of people. A lot of people call Dynamo ONE the Easy Button for WordPress.

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