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Split Testing Your Webpages

If you are have been searching for ways to bring more traffic to your website, then you have probably flirted around with methods to increase your on-page optimization, such as using certain keywords. You have also probably tried other methods such as placing pay per click campaigns on your site. Or, maybe you’ve tried linking, or a host of other methods with the same goal of increasing your website traffic. While all of these methods have their advantages and have proven to work, there is a way for you to diagnose what methods are working the best for your site needs. This method is called split testing. In short, split testing is taking two products that are very similar, and marketing them using the same techniques. The object of marketing these two items is to find out which one is garnering more responses.

So, let’s say for example that you want to perform a split test on the pages of your website. You want to find out very specifically which of your webpages are drawing in more traffic and why. For example, is one page bringing you more traffic because it has more copy on it than another? Is one page bringing your more traffic because it discusses features, benefits, or pricing of a product? Or, is one page bringing you more visitors because you have posted pay per click advertising on the page? You won’t know the answers to these questions by simply marketing the whole website alone. If you want to know which one of your webpages are performing best for you and why, then you need to perform some split testing marketing on them.

By the way, when you perform split testing research, you don’t have to simply stop at testing two items against each other. You can perform split testing on three, four, or more of your pages. But in order for the experiment to work, you have to market them in the same manner. Only when you conduct your spit testing research in the same manner can you gain good research information as to what on page marketing methods are working for you.

After you have conducted your research, you might be wondering, “Now what?” What needs to happen now, is you decide what is working for you, and you immediately ditch what isn’t working out for you. This is the beauty of split testing. You only focus your efforts on what works, while quickly diagnosing what doesn’t work so that you can stop wasting your time and efforts on marketing that isn’t increasing your website traffic. Many people have implemented split testing, and they have found that they are able to get past marketing slumps and plateaus faster when they use split testing on their webpages.
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The Importance Of Split Testing

Split testing involves the testing of the same element on 2 different Web pages, whether it would be a headline, sub-headline, picture or graphic, P.S., or virtually anything else. The key is that you must test the exact same element on each Web page, which is why split testing sometimes referred to as “A/B Testing.”

You may be wondering, “Why do I want to bother testing my Web pages?” The reason why is because, you want to increase the amount of conversions you get from those Web pages. In the case of landing pages, you want to see what causes your website visitors to stay on your website. In the case of optin pages, you want to see which optin page causes your visitor to give you his/her name and email address in order to follow up with him/her later. In the case of order pages, you want to see if your prospect is more likely to order from one order page than from another order page.

The only way you can tell if a specific element causes your prospect to perform the specific action you want him/her to perform or not is by split testing that element. You do this by setting up two identical Web pages, EXCEPT for the one element you wish to test.

For example, say you wanted to test the price of your Internet marketing ebook. On one Web page, you will sell it for $9.95, while on another Web page that is similar in every other way, you will sell it for $14.95. The split test will cause your visitors to randomly be sent to one Web page or the other. You can then analyze the results to see which Web page converted more of your visitors into buyers.

Split testing can be used for more than just testing pricing. For instance, say you want to add a software program that will enable your visitor to capture his prospect’s contact information more easily as a bonus to your Internet marketing ebook. You add that to one Web page. For the other Web page, you add a list building ebook as a bonus to your Internet marketing ebook.

You then split test, having your website visitors be sent randomly to each Web page to see which Web page converts better in turning those visitors into customers. Remember that all of the other elements of the Web page are exactly the same; this way, any differences in converting visitors into buyers can be attributed to the one difference in each Web page – in this case, the differences in bonuses to your Internet marketing ebook offer.

Successful Internet marketers will use split testing to test various offers to see which will convert visitors into buyers at a higher rate. They will often use it to test various headlines, graphics, price points, and bonuses.

When it comes to Internet marketing, getting higher conversions is the key to being successful. Split testing enables you to do this easily so that you can gain the higher conversions you want, leading to more profits for your online business.

What Is Split Testing

If you are a person who is learning about internet marketing for the first time, then you probably have read your share of articles, books, blogs on the topic. One phrase that you might have heard about with regards to marketing your site or your pay per click campaign, is called split testing. It might sound complicated, but it’s not only very easy to implement, but it’s also very smart to implement split testing. Split testing in short is a method of testing out what is working in your marketing campaign, while identifying what isn’t working. This saves you lots of time, money and frustration. You can stop using the same marketing tactics that aren’t working for you while you implement what is working, and build upon the working methods.

How you would go about performing a split test is very simple. Let’s say that you are advertising a product on your website. You have created marketing copy on your site, or on a landing page that will help you to build a subscription list. You might highlight a particular feature or benefit about the product. You might say that your product can save them x amount of dollars. Traditionally, you would simply market your product. But when you use the split testing method, you create another marketing advertisement that is very similar to the one that you just created. In the second version of your marketing copy, you would change the phrasing a bit, or you can change the order of the copy as is appears on the page. Or, you could simply omit information, or add information.

After you have made two very similar versions of the same marketing copy, you would then market them using the advertising tools in your arsenal. The key is to keep a careful watch on these to make sure that you are taking note of which marketing piece is gaining more traction. You should notice after a period of time that one version of your marketing copy performs better than the other. You’ll know that it’s performing better, because you’ll see in spike in clicks. Or, you’ll notice an increase of site visitors. Or you’ll simply notice more product being sold via one of your marketing pieces. When you are able to single out which marketing piece is performing better, then this is the one that you should focus on.

When you are able to identify which marketing piece has done better in your split testing research, then the key is to create better marketing copy using your original piece as the basis of your research. Then, repeat the split testing process again until you find a formula that gets you the best results. As you can see, you are far more efficient in your marketing efforts when you use the split testing method, instead of using one method and hoping that it will work for you.

Split Test Dynamo E-Mail Template

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Google Site Optimizer – Not For The Faint Of Heart

While the Google Site Optimizer tool is a great way to split test landing pages on your site, it is not the easiest tool to learn how to use. Unlike the rest of Google’s Webmaster tools, this one takes some practice in order to be successful with it. That is not to say that you shouldn’t try and use it; just know that unless you have a bit of experience with it, it might take you some time and reading to figure out how to make it work.

With that said, Google’s Site Optimizer tool is great for anyone looking to see which pages are getting traffic or visitors to their site, and more importantly which landing pages are converting to sales by visitors and which are not. If you’re looking for a tool that shows you the number of visitors to your site, the number of URL clicks being made and which landing page gets you the most bang for your buck. You’ll be able to see lead generation and page traffic statistics, visitor browsing paths, visitor history and tracking cookies being used.

The Google Optimizer tool is not extraordinarily difficult to use, but it will take some practice and study in order to get it going. What you’ll receive in return for your efforts to learn how to use it, makes it well worth studying and learning. If you’re serious about finding out where your visitors are coming from, what they’re doing when they arrive on your site, and which pages are converting those visitors into sales, this is a tool that is worth the effort to learn. It’s not easy, but the return for your effort is well worth the trouble.

Split Testing – A Brief Overview

Split testing a web page is simple and straightforward if you have the correct tools. Put simply, split testing is the method where you test two different versions of a web page to see which one converts better. This can be done either manually or by using a piece of software designed to deliver the two web pages alternately and track the results. If you were to do this manually, it would be time consuming and not cost effective, but fortunately, with tools like Google Website Optimizer, you can accomplish this task much easier.

With split testing, as you make changes you’ll want to count the number of unique visits to each page, URL clicks and results of each page. This includes conversions to purchases, telephone calls and lead generation statistics in order for you to see which page or page change works best for your product or service. With Google Webpage Optimizer, you can also track visitor browsing paths, history of visits and which page was viewed and the tracking cookies used.

This allows you an easy method of figuring the best way to optimize your landing pages. It takes the guesswork out of making changes to your website and waiting to see which page does better for your business. Split testing gives you all these facts and statistics so that you can operate your online business better.

Super Easy Split Testing Plugin

When you are working in WordPress, one of the most important things you can do is split testing. With this approach, you are going to have a number of variants that come into a single page. What you are going to need to determine is the effectiveness that this has in terms of the goal of your website. This tool helps you to figure out the conversions that will occur as a result of split testing.

With this in mind, Split Test Dynamo will provide you with the simplest tool to help improve your success. There will be no coding required. Instead, all you need to do is add in a plugin and you can split test the content on a single page or an entire template all with the click of a button. This can save you time if you aren’t a fan of coding and money if you had planned on having an expensive coder come out to help you to set this up on your website.

Since you might not already be maximizing the results your website can have, make sure that you do explore all that can be done with this effective tool. It will certainly be an item that translates into more money for you in the long run.

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