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Dynamo ONE Step By Step Guide

Dynamo ONE is a very simple Plugin, and was create for 2 main purposes.
1. For people who install WordPress over and over again to save time and energy on the tedious task of setting up and configuring WordPress.
2. For people new to WordPress who dont quite know what their doing tweaking settings and downloading plugins and really just want to go straight to the content. With that beeing said, Dynamo ONE is also great if you just want to make sure your settings are optimized.

Heres how you would go through each Step in Dynamo ONE:

1. Click on the “Dynamo” drop down menu in your Admin bar and select Dynamo ONE.

2. If it is your first time running Dynamo ONE it will ask you to activate the Plugin with your account e-mail address. If its not you can skip to step 4.

3. Simply enter in your account e-mail address and click on the orange activate button, once activated you can click to continue to Dynamo ONE.

4. Now you are on Step 1 – Configure Your Settings, on this page you can choose what type of site you are tring to create, either a blog or a custom website with a static home page. Selecting what type of page you want as your home will help Dynamo ONE configure your site. Select which type you want for your home page and click the big orange configure my settings button. Or you can click to skip this step.

5. Step 2 – WordPress Plugins, Dynamo ONE makes it easy to download and activate some recommended plugin and some other popular plugins also. All the recommended plugins come checked by default, simply un-check which ever you don’t want or check up some of the additinal popular plugins and click the orange button. You will then need to wait a second or two as Dynamo ONE downloads all of your checked plugins straight from the WordPress Plugin Repository. Once complete you will be asked if you want Dynamo ONE to activate all the plugins for you. You can click th orange button or skip the step.

6. Step 3 – Configure Plugins, Dynamo ONE can configure all of the Highly Recommended plugins with the Dynamo Recommended settings for each plugins. Simple click the orange button if you want it to do that or click to skip. NOTE: Dynamo ONE will not configure any of the popular plugins, only the HIGHLY Recommended plugins.

7. Step 4 – Finalize WordPress, this is the section of Dynamo ONE that can create some pages for you. We found that most people need these pages and dont want to go through the trouble of creating them and finding content. So Dynamo ONE can create a Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service for you from a base standard template and insert your site name and URL when needed. It can also create a Contact page for you with a new kind of built in Anti-Spam that differs to captcha. You simply select in the sliders if you want to create these pages or not, with Yes or No. You can also change at any time what e-mail address your contact form send to.

8. After Step 4 thats it your WordPress installation is now ready to go, go find yourself a theme and start writing content knowing you have a highly optimized, search engine friendly site.

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