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Plugin Dynamo Launches To The Public – 25% Off All One Time Payment Plugin Plans

Plugin Dynamo Opens To The Plublic In BETA Opens In Beta is pleased to announce that we are now open to the public in Beta mode. After months of preparation and feedback from our current customers we are happy to open our doors to the public and let everyone experience the unique Plugins we offer at To celebrate our Beta launch we are running a special offer for the next 7 days (offer ends 3/16/2012) to new or existing customers.

So if you have been waiting for a reason to try one of our Plugins, now is the time with the Plugin Dynamo Beta Launch Special Offer:

This speicla offer has ended, thanks to all who purchased during this initial launch. Keep an eye out for our next big special offer and new Plugins coming soon.

Save 25% Off All One Time Payment Plugins Plans

Yes, for the next 7 days existing or new customers can save 25% off of the one time payment plans on ANY one of our Plugins. This means that any Plugin normally priced at:

$67 One Time Payment is now just $50
(Dynamo ONE)

Pick One of These normally priced at $77 (One Time Payment) now just $57 each
(Click Heat Dynamo, Buzz Burner, Content Buddy, Split Test Dynamo)

$199 One Time Payment is now just $149
(Support Dynamo)

*Note: All discounts will be applied directly at checkout, once you click to purchase a one time payment plan the adjusted price will be displayed in the check out for you. 25% Off offer ends 3/16/2012.

Beta Details

Report Bug

Report Bug Button

We also ask that because we are now live in beta, we have activated the report a bug feature (Can be found in our Support Dynamo Plugin). If you spot a bug on a page, if a link is broken, if something doesn’t look right on a certain page or if something is confusing, please click the “Report Bug” button located on the bottom right hand corner of every page. Please submit the bug report from the page in question as it helps us locate and resolve the issue.

Let us know what you think of the new Plugin Dynamo site by leaving a comment below.
affiliates earn 40% comission on all Plugin Dynamo Plugins.

By: Plugin Dynamo
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10 Responses to “Plugin Dynamo Launches To The Public – 25% Off All One Time Payment Plugin Plans”

  1. Michael Cannon says:

    I’m not quite clear on the offer. Is this a one-time payment in lieu of a subscription, or a reduced rate on a subscription to a plugin if purchased yearly? I’m guessin’ the latter but hoping for the former! Love your plugins, though, either way!

    • Plugin Dynamo says:

      Hi Michael, thanks for the comment. The only subscription based reoccurring billing plans we have are the monthly ones.

      The other plan we have is a one-time payment, this is not a subscription and has no re-billing. If you buy that plan you own the plugin forever and it will work forever. With the one-time payment plans we also provide 1 year of Premium support & all upgrades are included.

      It is these one-time payment plans that are discounted by 25% – not the monthly plans.

      Most of our plugins have either the monthly option OR the one-time payment option OR both. Support Dynamo has various monthly options and a one-time payment option. Dynamo ONE only comes in the one-time payment.

      Hope this helps.

      Let us know if you have other questions/comments/suggestions.


  2. Rudy Labordus says:

    I’d like to get the support plugin, but I can only see subscription models when I click on the link above. And if I click on any of the purchase buttons on the sales page they all scream out a ‘timed purchase’. How do I find the ‘one time payment’ option? Actually I’m very excited that you have a one time payment option on this plugin. The subscription model is the only reason I never bought this plugin before – it wasn’t (and still isn’t) clear on the sales page that I could have it for a one off payment. (I would have bought this months ago otherwise). :)

    • Plugin Dynamo says:

      Hi, sorry for not making it clearer! We will work on that as this is a Beta launch.

      If you go to the link ( ) and then go to the pricing table and click to purchase the Pro Plan at $197 for the year, you’ll see that it is discounted out when you get to the shopping cart.

      This does NOT re-bill you after a year.

      You own the Plugin for life. You will get support and upgrades included for 1 year but the Plugin will continue to work after the year.

      Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

      Here’s a direct link to the cart with the Support Dynamo Plugin already discounted and ready for purchase.

      • Rudy Labordus says:

        All done. I’m in. Thanks for the clarification.

        Maybe you could develop a ‘buy all our product’ package as well. Some people will buy it. :)


        • Michael Florin says:

          I definitely would! When I saw the screen to download my Buzz Burner plugin had download links for all your other products, I became excited and thought, awesome, $7.97/monthly to use all their products, amazing!

          I know, $7.97/month for all of your products is wishful thinking, but maybe $20 a month….

        • Plugin Dynamo says:

          Hi, we have a Dynamo UNLIMITED plan we have been testing. This gives you access to all of our Plugins for 1 monthly price of $29.97/month. This is something we are testing let me know what you think. Here is what’s included:
          *Click Heat Dynamo – Unlimited Developer
          *Support Dynamo – Unlimited Developer
          *Dynamo ONE – Unlimited Developer
          *Split Test Dynamo – Unlimited Developer
          *Buzz Burner – Unlimited Developer
          *Content Buddy – Unlimited Developer
          * + Any new plugins as we add them
          * + Access to Gold level Plugins (These are Plugins that are made by others but we bought the rights to re-sell them).. 2 or 3 are included right now with more coming.

          Again it’s all of these Plugins + more for $29.97/month .
          Here is the direct link to the shopping cart:

  3. Michael Florin says:

    Not bad. If you had a WSO offer for this at maybe $5-10 less a month, I’d be in.

  4. Filomena Babins says:

    Quick question regarding your One Time Payment Plugin Plans like Buzz Burner which I recently invested in on your Great offer!

    Once the year of upgrades and updates are over, what type of Plans do you have for the Future of our Buzz Burner plug-in, and the Curation method overall into the Hopefully Never-ending business model and Revenue generating opportunities & possibilities for the up-and-coming years. I know it’s hard to predict the future but I was just wondering a little on the status generally as the plug-in kind of ages Once the year of upgrades and updates are over… :)

    Much appreciated…

    Thank you,


  5. Filomena Babins says:

    Sorry to post another comment, one additional question, forgot to ask with my above post. After the one year of included support, if we need support regarding the Buzz Burner plug-in after that year, is support still included?

    Thanks again,

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