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We Need Your Help – Name Our Next Plugin


Yes.. you read that correctly, we need your help in naming our next Plugin and in return if you are a Dynamo UNLIMITED customer you get early access to the beta version. Our new Plugin is an Adsense alternative for Amazon Affiliates. It creates a new way of displaying Amazon Affiliate Ads on your WordPress site that look much like Adsense ads (See video below).

Our new Plugin is the all in ONE WordPress Amazon Ad Generating Plugin that will allow you to quickly display Amazon Products on your Blog. No longer is there the need to spend valuable time clicking around Amazon, searching for affiliate links and products to display on your site.

Quickly and easily search for Amazon Products straight from inside WordPress by searching with Keywords or ASIN (Amazon Product ID) to display highly optimized Amazon product ads on your site. Generating Amazon affiliate commission has never been easier.

*NOTE: Currently early access is only available to Dynamo UNLIMITED customers, if you are a Dynamo UNLIMITED customer you can find the download in the Plugin Download section of the site.

If you are not a Dynamo UNLIMITED customer but would like to be:
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By: Plugin Dynamo
20 Comments | 3,710 views

20 Responses to “We Need Your Help – Name Our Next Plugin”

  1. Garret Acott says:

    Hey guys, how about Amasense?

    Also, why stop with Amazon, why not include some others? CB, CJ etc.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Plugin Dynamo says:

      Yes, we have one for those as well and those will be released in the future. Each source has it’s own issues and bugs to work out so we release them as they’re ready.

      ClickBank is next.

  2. Robert Vesci says:

    Azonsense Ads

  3. Annelize says:

    Dynamic Azon Ads

  4. Glen Allan says:

    Dynamazad or AMAZSENSEDYNAMO

  5. Glen Allan says:


  6. Wayne A. Nelson says:

    Garret stole my thunder…
    “Amasense” has got to be THE name for this plugin!
    It takes the absolute best and most recognizable elements from each side of the equation, and synergizes them into a completely new and robust Plugin Dynamo product.
    I am so jazzed about this, I can barely stand it!
    You guys absolutely ROCK!
    Brilliant is one of two adjectives used to describe the genius (2nd adjective) in this company.
    Thanks everyone – excellent work – as ususal,

  7. AZ Ads
    Easy on saying it and east to remember

  8. AZ Ads – Amazon
    FB Ads – Facebook
    CB Ads – Clickbank


    just a thought

  9. Russell James says:

    How about

    Madzonads dynamo

  10. Spencer Chun says:

    How about adzon for Amazon ads.

  11. Steve Roberts says:

    I am with Garret “Amasense” or Garry “Amasenseads”.


  12. Steve Maziarz says:

    AZONE Dynamo

  13. kim davis says:

    Amazoneeze Dynamo

  14. Stephen says:

    That’s easy “DynaZon”…case closed…. 😉


  15. Mark Braunstein says:

    If you are going with different aff networks, I would stay away from “zon” as it would not represent the universal integration (in the future)

    here a few off the top of my head


  16. Mark Braunstein says:

    I just reread your comment that you will release each affiliate network in separate plugins, so disregard my suggestion to not use “zon” (even though I think it’s overused now and creates market confusion)

  17. martin laliberte says:


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